City Clerk’s Office/Director of Council Operations

The City Clerk’s Office/Director of Council Operations serves as the liaison between the Mayor and Council and the community, city staff and the business community, as well as other local municipalities and county, state and federal government. The office supports the Mayor and Council’s advocacy for the protection and promotion of the health, safety, comfort and welfare of Rockville residents, and for the preservation of the city’s property, rights and privileges.

The City Clerk’s Office/Director of Council Operations is in many ways the face of the city and plays a critical role in regulatory compliance. The City Clerk/Director of Council Operations attends all Mayor and Council and designated boards and commission meetings; manages the legislative processes requiring action by the Mayor and Council; administers fair and impartial city elections; manages board and commission activities, including appointment notifications, staffing and training for board and commission members; and maintains and preserves the official public record of the Mayor and Council, including oversight of the city’s archives.

In FY16, the office:

  • In November, oversaw the first election in Rockville’s history in which residents elected a mayor and four councilmembers to serve a four-year term, from 2015 through 2019. Previous elections were for two-year terms.
  • Transitioned the District 7 polling place for November’s election.
  • Successfully implemented early voting by paper ballots for the city election.
  • Piloted new voting equipment selected by the state. The election was successfully certified and the newly elected Mayor and Council were inaugurated on Nov. 15.
  • In February, with the city’s Board of Supervisors of Elections, conducted two post-election forums attended by candidates, treasurers, and elections board members from the state, county and other municipalities, to seek feedback about the 2015 city election and to begin discussions about the 2019 elections.
  • Conducted two planning sessions in January and February to establish Mayor and Council goals and priorities for the 2015-2019 term.
  • Welcomed, in May, Kathleen Conway, as the new City Clerk/Director of Council Operations.