Looking Ahead to Fiscal Year 2017

City Clerk’s Office/Director of Council Operations
  • Continuing to manage the city’s boards and commissions.
  • Reviewing the scope and role of the city’s boards and commissions and making appropriate changes.
  • Reviewing the systems and processes to create, appoint, orient and sunset city boards and commissions.
  • Assisting the Mayor and Council in establishing a task force to identify the best community uses for the historic King Farm Farmstead.
  • Re-establishing City Hall office space for councilmembers. City Manager’s Office
  • Providing leadership and support to city departments in order to implement the Mayor and Council’s priority initiatives, and providing regular updates on the status of the initiatives.
  • Increasing communication and engagement with Rockville’s communities, including the use of Nextdoor to deliver city news that is important to neighborhoods.
  • Continuing to support the Mayor and Council’s work to advocate for city government and resident priorities at the county, state and federal levels of government.
  • Conducting the biennial Community Survey, giving residents the opportunity to rate city programs and services, quality of life and other community characteristics.
  • Establishing the Public Information and Community Engagement Division, which combines the former Neighborhood Resources Division with the Communication and Public Information Division to improve communication and engagement.
  • Increasing outreach to minority-, female-, and disabled-owned businesses as part of the Procurement Division’s MFD procurement program.
  • Carrying out the action plan adopted in response to the FY16 Purchasing Division study, including using new contract management software.
  • Proceeding with the design and construction of a television studio at City Hall to allow Rockville 11 to better serve television and online viewers.
  • Launching a high-definition channel for the county’s public, education and government cable stations, in partnership with other Montgomery County municipalities.
Community Planning and Development Services Department
  • Continuing the Rockville 2040 update to the master plan, including conducting community forums to develop goals and objectives and a draft of the plan for review by the Planning Commission and the public in FY17.
  • Working closely with the county and the state on planning for bus rapid transit (BRT) on MD 355 and Veirs Mill Road, including options for bringing BRT into Town Center and the Rockville Metro Station.
  • Adopting changes to the city code and implementing new procedures to improve the site plan review process.
  • Engaging in the citywide implementation of a new permitting and enterprise resource planning system.
  • Expanding the Fast Track program to cover commercial tenant work, finished basements and small fire protection systems, and improve the customer permitting process experience. The Fast Track program allows certain permits to be approved the same day of application, over the counter.
  • Implementing new procedures for green building inspections to reflect changes in city standards.
  • Continuing the multiyear effort to update and reorganize numerous historic preservation documents and to streamline the historic designation process.
  • Reviewing the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit regulations and recommending program changes to the Mayor and Council and continuing to provide home renovation grants for families in need, through the Community Development Block Grant program.
Finance Department
  • Completing the sale of $6.3 million in bonds for the water, sewer and capital projects funds, which included affirmation of the city’s triple-A credit rating and the sale of $13.9 million in bonds, refunding previous bond issues, and generating $1.7 million in savings.
  • Conducting a city pension plan experience study to ensure assumptions that are made by the plan actuary are accurate.
  • Completing a new cost allocation plan study in order to evaluate the cost of in-house versus contract services, establish program fees and reimburse the city’s general fund for services provided to the city’s utilities.
  • Obtaining a new vendor for the city’s retirement and pension plans.
  • Updating the city’s Statement of Investment Policy.
  • Updating the city’s cost recovery policies.
  • Completing an external review of hotel tax compliance.
  • Implementing Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 74, which addresses accounting and financial reporting of the city’s Other Post Employment Benefits plan.
  • Purchasing and launching new utility billing software to improve customer interface and payment options.
Human Resources Department
  • Finalizing the new performance evaluation forms and conducting citywide training on the new performance review process and performance system.
  • Managing the recruitment and hiring of a new city manager and police chief.
  • Completing revisions of job descriptions.
  • Working with departments on succession planning, including developing their staff to address anticipated knowledge and skill gaps created by retirement.
  • Initiating citywide training of supervisors on how to detect and address alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.
  • Conducting in-house training for city employees on first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator use.
  • Introducing a near-miss reporting incentive program to learn about incidents that could have resulted in damage or injury, in order to assist loss control and mitigation efforts.
  • Launching a new online health and wellness management portal, giving employees easy access to health information, wellness program events, health assessments and wellness tracking tools.
  • Encouraging employees to take advantage of the city’s resources to help them stop smoking, manage their weight and reduce stress reduction, and to participate in lunchtime and after-work exercise classes.
  • Continuing to work with the county on identifying job opportunities for individuals with disabilities through Project Search. Information Technology Department
  • Beginning the use of the Microsoft SharePoint electronic fax and enterprise content management system to better manage documents and sort data through customized dashboards that are efficient, boost collaboration, accelerate information access and support regulatory compliance.
  • Implementing a new best-of-breed enterprise resource planning system that best meets the city’s need to automate and integrate the core business applications and software. The new planning system will improve asset management, land management and citizen relationship management by tracking and resolving requests quickly.
  • Quadrupling the city’s fiber connections to add redundancy, balance network traffic load and increase bandwidth and speed.
  • Continuing upgrades to the city’s I-Net, replacing all antiquated network equipment.
  • Creating and establishing the city’s first disaster recovery hot site that allows the city to continue providing services in the case of a disaster or other emergency.
  • Auditing and assessing the city’s print devices in order to identify opportunities to standardize and consolidate devices, improve performance, streamline operations, reduce costs and improve environmental sustainability.
  • Overhauling the city’s information systems security to address security challenges.
  • Continuing to upgrade all city PCs to Windows 10 and to Microsoft Office 2016.
  • Upgrading the city’s Recreation and Parks class registration system.
Rockville City Police Department
  • Purchasing body-worn camera systems and replacing in-car video camera systems.
  • Hiring culturally diverse officers to serve the Rockville community.
  • Applying for a grant for an additional school resource officer/community outreach officer.
  • Conducting outreach to all age groups and to diverse community groups and organizations to enhance trust and partnerships.
Public Works Department
  • Launching an asset management program incorporating asset inventories, data management, related business processes and long-range financial planning.
  • Continuing the pursuit of grants, public-private partnerships and other collaborative efforts to fund capital projects, including the Croydon Creek Stream Restoration and Maryland/Dawson Avenues Extended projects.
  • Updating the city code to address the adequacy of water and sewer systems to support development, to include Montgomery County’s requirement that properties larger than 50,000 square feet benchmark their energy performance and to incorporate Federal Emergency Management Agency requirements for floodplain management.
  • Fulfilling state and federal mandates and directives by enacting new permitting and procedures for new structures in the floodplain.
  • Implementing full-scale use of the Water Treatment Plant’s ferric chloride chemical feed system to coagulate organic compounds for removal from the Potomac River water used by the city’s water system.
Recreation and Parks Department
  • Completing the motorized house bar installation and the ADA parking lot and interior corridor improvements at F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and designing the ADA parking lot at Glenview Mansion at Rockville Civic Center Park.
  • Implementing Mayor and Council recommendations from the Senior Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis Study.
  • Renovating six athletic courts in Woottons Mill, King Farm, Calvin, Twinbrook, North Farm and Fallsgrove parks, as well as the Skate Park.
  • Repairing five pedestrian bridges at Woodley Gardens, Maryvale and Dogwood parks, and in the Hayes Forest Preserve.
  • Addressing erosion and drainage issues at Twinbrook, Welsh and Potomac Woods parks.
  • Celebrating the 20th Annual F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Festival.
  • Beginning structural repairs to the King Farm Farmstead Dairy Barns.
  • Replacing roofing systems on six facilities and seven HVAC units.
  • Replacing the playground at Dogwood Park.
  • Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the city’s sister city relationship with Pinneberg, Germany.
  • Beginning the design of the swim and fitness center locker room renovation.