Chief Brito on How Rockville Police are Responding to Maryland’s Order

The following is an open letter to the Rockville community that city police Chief Victor Brito posted to the department’s Facebook page on Friday, April 3:

Dear Rockville Residents,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your continued support, flexibility, and understanding as our community confronts the most significant health crisis in American history. You have my word that the City’s selfless, dedicated, and compassionate Rockville City Police Department employees will not waver nor falter in our commitment to protect our residents and this amazing community.

Please note that our leadership believes in being cautious in our approach to enforcing this public health emergency and trying not to criminalize what would be normal activity any other time. Our goal is to promote community safety through education and voluntary compliance with the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order, in order to minimize the spread of the virus in our community and beyond. We have and will continue to communicate compassionately to educate our residents during this unprecedented health crisis.

The Rockville City Police Department has taken the following measures in regard to the Governor’s Order and in unison with our Montgomery County law enforcement partners:

  • We will not randomly stop community members for compliance checks of the Governor’s orders.
  • If we encounter people via a traffic stop, police call for service, investigations or a gathering of individuals, we will inquire if individuals are in compliance with the Governor’s Order.
  • Crimes are still occurring in the City and we are responding and investigating incidents.  Serious crimes are taking priority and we are asking for the public’s patience as we investigate lesser crimes but note we are investigating them.  Vehicle accidents are still occurring, and we are encouraging the community to drive safely, slow down and be aware of all pedestrians.
  • We have sufficient police officers ready to respond 24/7 and patrol our streets to protect our community during this crisis.
  • Pursuant to City of Rockville policy, officers will not ask any community members of their immigration status.

Without hesitation, I truly believe together we will prevail over this unprecedented emergency and the City of Rockville will be stronger than ever. Please free contact us at or our non-emergency number at 240-314-8900 if you have any questions.


Victor V. Brito

Chief of Police