The city’s Department of Public Works installed flashing beacons at the intersection of Great Falls Road and Monument Avenue in August, to provide a safer crossing for schoolchildren and community members along a heavily traveled road.

The pedestrian-activated flashing beacons accompany new concrete pedestrian ramps at the key crossing for children walking to and from Julius West Middle School.

Meanwhile, the city worked with the Montgomery County Department of Transportation to improve safety at another busy crossing, near the pedestrian bridge over MD 355 (Rockville Pike) at the Rockville Metro station. In June, Metro closed access to the bridge, which needs structural repairs. The city and county adjusted signal timing at MD 355 and E. Middle Lane/Park Road, and MD 355 and Monroe Place/Church Street, by adding five seconds to the crossing time. A leading pedestrian interval phase was also added at each intersection, giving pedestrians a head start when entering an intersection where vehicles traveling in the same direction have a green light.

The pedestrian bridge remains closed. A free shuttle is available between the station and Town Center. Look for signs, including at Monroe Street near East Montgomery Avenue. Learn more at