The City of Rockville is taking steps to make sure drivers know the right way to make a right turn after stopping at a red light.

The city is posting “Right Turn Yield on Red After Stop” signs at 10 intersections within the Rockville city limits where red-light cameras help to enforce the state law. The signs remind drivers that Maryland Law TA 21-202(h) requires a full stop before turning right at a red light.

New signage at northbound Seven Locks Road and Fortune Terrace advises drivers to yield after making a complete stop on a red light. Signs like this one are being installed at 10 intersections across Rockville. The intersection’s red light-camera system is in the grass right of way just before the sign.

When a vehicle travels through the intersection during a red light, makes an illegal left turn or fails to fully stop on red before turning right at an approved and labeled intersection, the cameras activate, taking photos and video to document the violation.

The red-light camera system was installed to improve safety, not to collect revenue from traffic citations. When vehicles make a full stop, it creates safer crosswalks for pedestrians and safer intersections for vehicle traffic.

The Rockville City Police Department reviews all photographs and video evidence of a suspected violation before issuing a citation. The fine is $75. Revenue from red-light camera citations goes to the city’s general fund, where it is used to pay for the red-light camera program and other public safety expenses.

The Rockville City Police Department’s Maj. Michael England explains how the city’s red-light camera system helps to improve safety on Rockville roads.

For a list of the 10 red-light camera locations where signage is being installed, and to learn more about the red-light camera program, visit