Following incidents with a rabid coyote Friday in the City of Rockville, the Rockville City Police Department has issued the following safety tips and emergency contacts in the event of an encounter with a wild animal.

  1. Be observant when walking near / in wooded areas.
  2. If you notice any strange or threatening behavior in a wild animal, keep your distance and alert Rockville City Police Dispatch.
  3. Keep your pets up to date on all vaccines. If your pet encounters a wild animal, notify your veterinarian immediately.
  4. Never interfere or place yourself in danger if your pet is involved in a confrontation with wildlife.

A coyote, which was found and put down following several attacks Friday, tested positive for rabies. Such encounters with coyotes in an urban and suburban environment are rare. Coyotes are generally nocturnal and seldom seen, except when in search of prey, and a sighting, even in the daytime, does not mean the animal is sick or will be aggressive.

A coyote’s natural behavior is to be wary of humans. However, if during an encounter with a coyote or other wild animal, it acts oddly or aggressively, or you have concerns, contact the authorities below:

  • Rockville Police Dispatch: 240-314-8900 (24 hours a day to report incidents and request police or animal control response).
  • Rockville City Police Department Neighborhood Services Division: 240-314-8937 (8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday). For animal services inquiries and information.
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police: 410-260-8888
  • Emergency police or fire rescue: 911