Sheila Bashiri, Rockville Preservation Planner

City of Rockville Preservation Planner Sheila Bashiri will serve as a trustee for Montgomery County on the 15-member board of the Maryland Historical Trust, a state agency committed to preserving and interpreting the legacy of Maryland’s past.

Bashiri was among 124 people nominated by Gov. Larry Hogan as “green bag” appointments to boards and commissions across the state, so named from the color of the satchel in which the names are traditionally presented for approval from the Senate Executive Nominations Committee.

“Marylanders deserve the most capable and dedicated representatives for these critically important positions, and we are extremely proud of the qualified individuals being submitted today,” Hogan said in a press release.

The Maryland Historical Trust Board of Trustees is a policymaking body that decides on issues such as statewide historic preservation grant funding and historic property easements. Bashiri’s four-year term began July 1. She also serves on the Maryland Association of Historic District Commissions board and is vice president of Heritage Montgomery.

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