Biking Safely During the COVID-19 Emergency

While there is a stay-at-home order in place, bicycle rides can still be one way of getting outdoors for exercise. With spring here, cycling, when done appropriately, is a great way to enjoy the weather and shake up your social distancing routine.

Bicycling is a cure for cabin fever during the COVID-19 emergency, but be sure to be safe.

Here are some helpful tips about keeping safe while cycling during the COVID-19 emergency:

  • Make safety your No. 1 priority. Riding safely and not ending up in the hospital conserves medical resources for fighting the pandemic. Do your part. Avoid risky riding behavior and play it safe.
  • Be aware of your “respiratory signature.” While you’re walking or standing, air expelled by breathing, coughing or laughing can travel about 6 feet and hang in the air. This is your respiratory signature. Because you are moving on a bicycle, respiratory signatures are much longer than if you were standing still. Instead of a sphere around you, it’s more stretched out, like a comet. It trails behind you, where people can ride through it.
  • Maintain social distance. Avoid group rides or riding with someone who is not in the direct group of people you are social distancing with, such as family or roommates.
  • Ditch the crowds. Avoid areas that may be crowded with cyclists and pedestrians, such as popular bike lanes or shared-use paths. With shared-use paths, there is often not enough room to pass people with more than 6 feet between you.
  • Follow the rules. While streets are less crowded with vehicle traffic, you should still follow the best practices for urban riding. Be aware, be seen and be predictable. 

Find a map of the city’s bicycle routes at

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