May is the 39th year for Building Safety Month, a campaign to raise awareness about safe and sustainable structures. This year’s theme for the international campaign is “No code. No confidence.”

“Building Safety Month is a chance to celebrate the entire building safety community and to educate others about the importance of the codes to each and every one of us,” International Code Council Board President William Bryant said. The ICC promotes Building Safety Month each year.

On Monday, April 29, the Mayor and Council were scheduled to issue a proclamation declaring May as Building Safety Month in Rockville.

“[T]he City of Rockville recognizes that our strength and growth depends on the safety and economic value of our homes, buildings and infrastructure that serve our community, both in everyday life and in times of natural disaster,” the proclamation states.

Most U.S. communities, including Maryland and the City of Rockville, have adopted and enforce ICC codes and standards. In Rockville, the Inspection Services Division regulates state-mandated building codes and ordinances by issuing permits and contractor licenses, reviewing plans, and inspecting all phases of residential and commercial construction, to ensure buildings and structures under construction are safe, code-compliant and in conformance with approved plans.

Each week of May is dedicated to a different aspect of building safety:

  • May 1-5: Preparing for disasters: Build strong, build smart.
  • May 6-12: Ensuring a safer future through training and education.
  • May 13-19: Securing clean, abundant water for all communities.
  • May 20-26: Construction professionals and homeowners: partners in safety.
  • May 27-31: Innovations in building safety.

Visit to learn more about the Inspection Services Division, and for information on Building Safety Month.