Celebrate the Fourth Without Fireworks

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate. The City of Rockville encourages you to do so safely and reminds residents that the private use and possession of fireworks, including sparklers, is illegal in Maryland and carries a $500 fine.

Fireworks include firecrackers, skyrockets and Roman candles. Selling fireworks is also illegal and carries a $1,000 fine. Public fireworks displays require proper permits and insurance.

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service asks adults to teach children that fireworks are not toys and to explain their dangers.

Fireworks were involved with an estimated 10,000 injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments in 2019, including 7,300 between June 21 and July 21, according to a study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. More than one-third of those injuries were to children younger than 15 and more than half were to people younger than 20.

Find the CPSC study and tips for firework safety at www.cpsc.gov/Safety-Education/Safety-Education-Centers/Fireworks.

Learn more about what you should know about fireworks in Montgomery County at www.montgomery

To report illegal fireworks, call the Rockville City Police Department’s non-emergency line at 240-314-8900.

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