The City of Rockville held its annual employee awards ceremony, Thursday, Dec. 12 at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre. Thirteen employees were honored with awards for more than three decades of service, who between them have a combined 430 years of experience working for the city.

Honored for 45 years of service: Fran Jablonski, with the Rockville Senior Center. Honored for 40 years: Maj. Michael England, with the Rockville City Police Department, and Betty Wisda, with Recreation and Parks.

Thirty-year employees are: Lisa Cooper, Janet Hare and Angela Joyner, with Information Technology; Lt. Brian Paul and Maj. Eric Over, with the RCPD; Michael Shipp, with Public Works; and Christine Henry, Janet Opar and Rob Orndorff, with Recreation and Parks.

In all during the ceremony, 85 city employees were recognized for five to 45 years of service, and more than 40 YouRock awards, recognizing the good work of employees, were presented.