Maryland General Assembly’s 90-Day Session Begins Jan. 9

Rockville’s 2019 state legislative priorities call for more state aid for school construction and for senior services, opposition to the state taking homes or businesses as part of plans to widen Interstate 270, and funding for a replacement shelter at Isreal Park.

Under priorities approved by the Mayor and Council Oct. 15 and presented to the Montgomery County Delegation on Nov. 14, the city will advocate for:

  • Increased school construction funding to address overcrowded and aging school facilities in Rockville.
  • Enhanced senior programs and services to address transportation and recreation needs, and assist with the establishment and awareness of programs to help seniors age in place. Rockville’s senior population is projected to grow to 19,140, or 22 percent of the city’s population, by 2040.
  • No Rockville homes, businesses or infrastructure to be taken by the state’s proposed project to widen Interstate 270. The Mayor and Council have vigorously advocated in support of Rockville property owners. To learn more, visit
  • The State Highway Administration to fulfill its commitment to fund 80 percent of the cost of the West End Park Noise Barrier Project, which will protect homes north of the I-270/MD 28 interchange.
  • The formation of an independent redistricting commission after each decennial census, with equal membership from political parties and of voters not affiliated with the two major parties. The commission would recommend to the state legislature a map of congressional districts that are geographically contiguous, encourage compactness and respect the geographic integrity of local governments.
  • A state bond bill for $200,000 for the design and replacement of the 51-year-old Isreal Park shelter, which is used for the city’s Summer Playgrounds program, rentals and community gatherings. The project includes relocation of the structure, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant bathrooms, a storage area and a covered picnic area.

The 2019 state legislative session runs from Jan. 9-April 8 in Annapolis. For more information, contact Linda Moran at or 240-314-8115.