Lead and Copper Monitoring Produces Good Results

Rockville’s drinking water continues to be safe, the city’s Department of Public Works said in the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, released June 29.

The report details the source, treatment, distribution, safety and quality of Rockville’s drinking water. Once again in 2017, Rockville’s drinking water met or exceeded all drinking water quality regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency and adopted and enforced by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Lead and copper testing of tap water samples taken from more than 60 addresses within the city in 2017 once again confirmed the safety of the city’s water. The testing detected lead in just three samples, at levels far below where the EPA requires regulatory or remedial action. The tests also showed copper levels far below the EPA action level.

Rockville’s latest efforts to provide safe, reliable drinking water include new chemical feed systems at the city’s water treatment plant on the Potomac River. On March 21, 2017, the plant began full-time use of ferric chloride to coagulate and remove organic compounds from the river water, improving the quality of the city’s drinking water.

Learn more about the source and quality of Rockville’s drinking water by viewing the full Annual Water Quality Report at www.rockvillemd.gov/annualwaterquality2018. To speak with someone about the report, call 240-314-8556.