Panel of 5 Recommends Salaries for Mayor and Council

It’s an opportunity to help the city you love! Five Rockville residents or business owners are invited to serve on the city’s Compensation Commission, which convenes every four years, before a city election, to determine annual salaries for the city’s five elected officials.

Before making a recommendation, and to help with its deliberations, the commission solicits input from city residents on various aspects of compensating the Mayor and Council, including how salary levels are determined and how frequently Rockville’s elected officials are compensated.

The commission is required by ordinance to make its recommendation to the Mayor and Council by March 31. The election for Mayor and Council will take place in November. For more information on the Compensation Commission’s mission, and to view past recommendation reports, visit

Interested in serving on the commission? Fill out an expression of interest form at; call the City Clerk/Director of Council Operations at 240-314-8280; write to Mayor and Council, 111 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD 20850; or email