Environmental Excellence Award Includes Surprise Announcement

James Farrelly, the late Rockville resident and environmental advocate, was awarded an Environmental Excellence Award posthumously during a presentation at the July 11 Mayor and Council meeting, which included a surprise announcement.

Environmental Excellence Awards are selected by the city’s Environment Commission to recognize extraordinary accomplishments made by residents, organizations and businesses to enhance Rockville’s environment and sustainability efforts. Farrelly’s award, the Carl Henn Outstanding Individual Environmental Stewardship Award, was presented to Farrelly’s widow, Anne Goodman.

The presentation also included a surprise announcement by the commission that Rockville had been named the 88th National Wildlife Federation-certified Community Wildlife Habitat in the United States. The program empowers people to make their communities more hospitable for wildlife by restoring habitats with native plants, eliminating pesticides and providing animals with food, water, cover and places to raise young.

Goodman said that her husband, who died last year, would’ve been proud of the award and of the certification, which the couple worked to promote throughout the city.

“We talked to a lot of people and had a good time while we were working hard,” she said. “But Jim, he would’ve been so incredibly proud. And I am so pleased for him and for the city. I think it speaks well for the city.”

She also encouraged community members to volunteer.

“It is fun,” she said. “And those of you who haven’t volunteered yet, get out and do it. Because it makes you feel good. You’re helping your community and you’re doing your bit for the environment.”

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