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‘Leaf’ the Vacuuming to Us

City Collects Leaves October to Mid-December

Fall Leaf Collection

Rockville will vacuum leaves from neighborhood curbs in two rounds, beginning Monday, Oct. 17.

Rake leaves next to, but out of, roadways, gutters and bike lanes, and away from parked vehicles. Leaves should be raked by 6 a.m. on the first day of their collection period, but no earlier than one week before the collection dates to avoid grass damage or fire hazards. Remove sticks and other objects from leaf piles. Avoid parking near leaf piles or other vehicles.

Green Yard Tips
Consider environmentally friendly alternatives to raking, including leaving some leaves where they fall or using them as mulch in garden beds where they provide natural habitat for beneficial insects. Mowing over the leaves can break them up into tiny pieces that can filter into the grass, providing much-needed nutrients. Or consider composting leaves at home with other yard trimmings.

Area 1: Oct. 17-21; Nov. 21-25
Area 2: Oct. 24-28; Nov. 28-Dec. 20
Area 3: Oct. 31-Nov. 4; Dec. 5-9
Area 4: Nov. 7-11; Dec. 12-16
Area 5: Nov. 14-18; Dec. 19-23

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