Matthew Perkins

Candidate for Council

I am Matthew Perkins, and I’m a candidate for Rockville City Council. I am running because I see Rockville at a crossroads, with great opportunities at hand that require bold leadership and a clear vision for the future. For the past 25 years I’ve worked with local partners in some of the most challenged neighborhoods in our country; I’ve seen how cities succeed and learned why they fail. This experience is at the heart of my priorities for City Council, including;

Making city governance more collaborative by seeking- out, valuing and respecting the contributions of ALL members of our community

Acting now, in a bold and ambitious way to make sure a Rockville with 100,000 residents maintains a high quality of living, including being walkable and bikeable with adequate community resources

Better use of technology to meet the demands of today’s residents, including an app for city services

Committing the city to meet our greatest challenge; climate change must be a consideration in all city decisions

Improving efficiency and equity in government services

As much as work has influenced my views, living and volunteering in Rockville since 1999 has taught me so much more. Coaching for the City, MSI and at Richard Montgomery has connected me to hundreds of kids, to their families, and taught me the power of community and relationships. Only by harnessing this power and creating a shared vision can we truly take advantage of the opportunities before us. Our city, our future.

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