The Mayor and Council have extended to Saturday, Aug. 22 the deadline to decide on the draft of the Park Road and North/South Stonestreet Avenue Area Comprehensive Master Plan Amendment.

The extension results from additional time needed to accommodate public hearing testimony into virtual meetings. A public hearing was held on the draft via videoconference during the Mayor and Council’s June 8 meeting.

At their meeting on July 13, the Mayor and Council will discuss testimony, potential revisions to the draft plan, and possible adoption.

The amendment promotes a walkable, transit-oriented mix of residential and commercial development immediately across Park Road from the Rockville Metro Station, and would set policies to permit additional housing types in the residential areas closest to the station across South Stonestreet Avenue.

For more information, contact Andrea Gilles at or 240-314-8273. Visit to view the amendment and to view the Mayor and Council agenda.