Alyssa Roff

Alyssa Roff, a senior transportation planner, and the city’s pedestrian and bicycle coordinator, has been on the job since Oct. 21. We asked her to answer a few questions to introduce her to the community.

What does a transportation planner do?

I work with transportation policies, projects and committees to help provide safe connections for people to get around Rockville. For the city, I focus mainly on cyclists and pedestrians.

Where were you before coming to Rockville?

I was a transportation planner for the City of Gaithersburg.

You also serve as the liaison to the Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee. How are you helping the committee to partner with the city in making Rockville’s streets safer for all?
My role as the staff liaison is to offer transparency and spaces for collaboration. For each committee, I make sure everyone has a chance to provide their concerns and ideas for making city streets safer – the more creative ideas the better. I also provide updates on city projects so everyone can gauge what actions the city is taking.

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