Meet a Rockville Employee: Jordan Perry

Jordan Perry

Jordan Perry is a recreation program specialist with the City of Rockville. He joined the city in May. In this edition of “Rockville Reports,” we’re introducing him to the community.

When did you come onboard with Rockville?
Before I was hired by the city I started volunteering at the age of 11 in the after-school program at the Twinbrook Community Recreation Center. Then, a few years later, at 15, I was hired as a teens leader. I moved up in the ranks from leader to director in teens and community center programs. Now that I’m 22 years old and have spent about 11 years with the city, I’m ready to make a difference and continue to work hard and provide the best service for my community in my new position.

Tell us a little about your job and what you’ll be doing.
I help plan and organize all sports and teen programs for the City of Rockville. Since I’ve started, I’ve run three summer programs that include Future Leaders Camp, Teens on the Go and the Leaders in Training program, and one winter program, Friday Night Ski Club. During my time running those camps and programs, I was able to learn and see what our teen community would really like to see from the City of Rockville. As a recreation program specialist, I will continue to create new programs for our teen community that interest them.

Where can readers find out more about teen programs?
Take a look at our teens program website at or check out Rockville’s recreations guides to see what’s being offered ( If you have questions or ideas to share, give me a call at 240-314-8638 or email me: