Rockville Mayor and Council Stand with Asian American Pacific Islanders

Statement Offers Condolences and ‘Strong Solidarity’ with Community and Immigrants

Rockville city seal, featuring red crosses and blue waves of a coat of arms, the rock hawk, gold and black escutcheon, a mural crown, quills, and bobcats with broken chains.

Rockville’s Mayor and Council issued a statement Monday supporting the Asian American Pacific Islander community and immigrants, rejecting racism and bullying, and offering condolences in the wake of the mass shooting that killed eight people, including six women of Asian descent, on March 16 in Atlanta.

Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton began Monday’s Mayor and Council meeting with the following statement:

“Having just recited the Pledge [of Allegiance], I would like to make a brief statement on behalf of the Mayor and Council regarding the horrific tragedy last week in Atlanta – another attack on our AAPI community, our friends, our family. 

Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton began the March 22 Mayor and Council meeting with a statement of solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander community.

“The Rockville Mayor and Council stand in strong solidarity with all in the AAPI community, residents of Rockville, Montgomery County, the State of Maryland, anywhere and everywhere.

“Racism of any kind, bullying of any kind, will not be tolerated in our city, nor anywhere should it be.

“We are a country of immigrants, built by immigrants. Only by working together and supporting each other, will the great country, the United States of America, succeed.

“You are welcome. And you matter. To me. To each member of this council. To our staff and to our community.

“It’s heartbreaking to have to say this: Our condolences, our prayers for comfort and peace, go out to all who are suffering, who are scared.

“United we stand.”

Rockville City Police Department Chief Victor V. Brito also released a statement of unity with the AAPI community. “As your community’s law enforcement partners, we are committed to protecting you and doing everything we can to prevent these abhorrent criminal acts,” the statement said in part. Find the full statement on the Rockville City Police Department’s Facebook page.

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