The City of Rockville’s Department of Public Works brought home its first-ever championship trophy at this year’s Snow Road-eo, hosted by the City of Gaithersburg, on Oct. 10.

The friendly competition, which allows snowplow crews to hone their skills in preparation for snow season, involves eight obstacles, set up to simulate tight turning conditions crews often face while using large trucks to clear snow from city streets. Rockville’s 12 teams scored 8,595 total points to Gaithersburg’s 8,480.

Rockville’s teams were (driver/spotter): Billy Pritchard III/Danny Dodson, William Moore Jr./Brad Stotler, Max Alfaro/Alfonso Alfaro, Angel Abarca/Eddie Poe, Jake Harrison/Trevor Davis, Travis Epley/Pat Ground, Mark Winpigler/Don Bowman, Danny Dodson/Billy Pritchard III, Brad Stotler/William Moore Jr., Alfonso Alfaro/Max Alfaro, Eddie Poe/Angel Abarca, and Trevor Davis/Jake Harrison.

The top three Rockville teams were, in order: Jake Harrison/Trevor Davis, Alfonso Alfaro/Max Alfaro, and Eddie Poe/Angel Abarca.

Crew supervisors Hilleary DeMar and Duane Pickett served as coaches. Julia Huang, a public works secretary, was the team’s coordinator. Members of the city’s fleet maintenance team joined Gaithersburg staff as judges.
It was a true team win, with the city’s streets crew setting up and taking down obstacles as plow teams trained and the department’s administrative staff assisting with various tasks and coverage.

Find a photo album from the friendly competition on the city’s Facebook page.

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