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Step Right This Way for Safe Sidewalks

Sidewalk Construction
Sidewalk Construction along Wootton Parkway.

Know a neighborhood that could use a sidewalk?

The city’s Sidewalk Prioritization Policy helps determine if, and in what order, the city constructs sidewalks.

A missing sidewalk is any existing or potential pathway that, were it hard surfaced, would be used by pedestrians in their routine educational, recreational, business, shopping, working, civic and social pursuits. Sidewalks are along streets and are typically built within city rights of way.

Prioritization is based on:

  • A utility score, which assesses a proposed sidewalk’s connectivity to existing sidewalks and its proximity to schools, bus stops, Metrorail stations, recreational centers and other nearby pedestrian generators.
  • A traffic conditions score, which assesses a proposed sidewalk’s connection to a street with higher speed limits.

Other considerations, such as the availability of city right of way, public support for the proposed sidewalk, and potential environmental impacts are not scored, but are assessed for construction feasibility.

Visit for more information, including how to request a sidewalk for your neighborhood.

To request sidewalk repairs, visit and select “Report a concern” at the bottom of the page, or contact Bryan Barnett-Woods, the city’s pedestrian and bicycle coordinator, at [email protected].

Visit to learn about the city’s Pedestrian Master Plan and to share your thoughts about how to make walking and rolling better in the City of Rockville.

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