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Mayor and Council to Begin Budget Work with Hearing Oct. 26

The Mayor and Council want to hear from the community about their needs early in the budget process as they kick off work on the city’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget with a public hearing on Monday, Oct. 26.

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Mayor and Council Call on State to Slow its Roll on I-270/I-495 Widening

The state should put the brakes on a project to widen interstates 270 and 495, Rockville’s Mayor and Council said in a letter to the Maryland Department of Transportation.

“The City of Rockville requests that MDOT put a pause on the project and process,” the letter states. “It is not responsible to continue spending taxpayers’ money on preliminary design, environmental studies, and hiring a developer while the country is facing significant economic changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also predicted that teleworking will be more acceptable and widely implemented in the future, which will likely lower traffic volumes on I-495 and I-270. Therefore, it only makes sense to hold off on next steps for this project until a new purpose and need is defined.”

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Community Census Challenge: How’s Your Community Responding to the 2020 Census?

Want to know how Rockville rates in responding to the 2020 Census? How do we stack up against other areas? Check out the census rate map.
You can search for response rates for states, counties, cities and census tracts, and compare those to 2010 Census response rates.

  1. Open the census rate map (at 2020census.gov/en/response-rates.html).
  2. In the “State” dropdown menu, select “Maryland.”
  3. When Maryland map appears, select “Rockville” under the “City” dropdown menu.

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Solar Co-op: Affordable Options for Rooftop Panels or Vehicle Chargers

Deadline to Sign Up is Aug. 31

The 4th Rockville Solar Co-op presents an opportunity to harness solar to power your home or business or electricity to charge up your vehicle.

The city’s Environment Commission produced a video to promote the 2020 solar co-op sponsored by the City of Rockville and Montgomery County.

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Coronavirus Leads to New Ways of Doing Business with City’s Planning Department

With the closure of in-person visits to City Hall, Rockville’s Planning and Development Services Department has adopted a new service approach that allows customers to do business from the convenience of their couch.

Staff members have adopted non-paper-intensive processing of planning documents, permit applications, licenses and plan review via email, phone, online and virtually. Customers can submit materials electronically, saving them a trip to City Hall.

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Don’t Push It: All City Pedestrian Signals Are Now Automated

Nearly 50 pedestrian signals, accounting for all the signals operated by the city on Rockville streets, are now automated as part of the city’s response to the COVID-19 emergency.

City signal technicians automated the 48 signals by revising the timing plan that controls the traffic signal timing and sequence. The traffic signals were reprogrammed to be on automated pedestrian recall, which means that the signal controlling software assumes that a pedestrian is pushing the button at every cycle. This will allow the pedestrian to get a “WALK” signal without the need to push the button.

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City Continues to Provide Safe, Reliable Drinking Water

Rockville’s drinking water continues to earn high marks for safety and reliability, even as the city’s water treatment plant balances safety measures for staff and the city’s water infrastructure in the face of the COVID-19 emergency, the city’s Department of Public Works said in the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

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Looking Ahead with Vision Zero

The Mayor and Council are expected to put Rockville on a course for zero traffic-related deaths or serious injuries with a vote Monday, July 6 on the city’s Vision Zero Action Plan.

The plan, which the Mayor and Council discussed June 22, includes steps to create safer streets through policies promoting improved design, traffic law enforcement and education. While there are ongoing city efforts in these areas, the plan lays out a coordinated and systematic approach to explore ways to reach the goal. It included input from the Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee, Rockville Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Traffic and Transportation Commission, and the Senior Citizens Commission.

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Rockville Creates New Department of Housing and Community Development

The City of Rockville has merged several divisions to form a new Department of Housing and Community Development, which will more efficiently and effectively address the affordable housing and social services needs of city residents.

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Mayor and Council Extend Time to Make Decision on Park Road and North/South Stonestreet Ave. Area Plan Amendment

The Mayor and Council have extended to Saturday, Aug. 22 the deadline to decide on the draft of the Park Road and North/South Stonestreet Avenue Area Comprehensive Master Plan Amendment.

The extension results from additional time needed to accommodate public hearing testimony into virtual meetings. A public hearing was held on the draft via videoconference during the Mayor and Council’s June 8 meeting.

At their meeting on July 13, the Mayor and Council will discuss testimony, potential revisions to the draft plan, and possible adoption.

The amendment promotes a walkable, transit-oriented mix of residential and commercial development immediately across Park Road from the Rockville Metro Station, and would set policies to permit additional housing types in the residential areas closest to the station across South Stonestreet Avenue.

For more information, contact Andrea Gilles at agilles@rockvillemd.gov or 240-314-8273. Visit www.rockvillemd.gov/stonestreetstudy to view the amendment and www.rockvillemd.gov/agendacenter to view the Mayor and Council agenda.

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