Throwing out plastic bags, clothes, garden hoses, needles or medical sharps? Please don’t use the brown recycling cart – put them in the gray trash cart.

To find a nearby grocery store that accepts plastic bags for recycling, visit

Help the city keep its recycling and trash collection crews safe. Workers can get stuck by medical sharps and syringes that are not in suitable disposal containers.

To dispose of medical sharps and syringes, use containers made of heavy-duty plastic that close tightly with a puncture-proof lid. Label the container and place it in the middle of your household trash in the gray trash cart – or find a disposal program.

Find more community guidelines about safe disposal at

Got a city recycling or trash cart that’s falling apart? Damaged lift bars on city recycling or trash carts can cut customers and crew members. Call 240-314-8568. We’ll replace it for you.