Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, fair mobility for all.

Vision Zero is a strategy for a safer community.

  • Sets a goal of reducing, and eventually eliminating, traffic-related deaths or serious injuries.
  • Recognizes that people make mistakes and crashes will occur, but also that no one should lose their life or suffer life-altering injuries because of such mistakes.
  • Acknowledges that many factors contribute to safe mobility and requires an approach to examine the whole system.
  • Recognizes that while transportation safety benefits everyone, some members of the community are more at risk for experiencing a serious crash.
  • Uses data to target the cause of crashes before they occur, in order to lessen the severity of injuries.

How is Rockville committed to Vision Zero?

  • The Mayor and Council adopted a Vision Zero Action Plan in July 2020.  The plan includes 30 action items focusing on four key areas: engineering, enforcement, education and policy.
  • City staff is conducting a crash analysis to determine the underlying causes of crashes in Rockville.
  • The city appointed a Vision Zero coordinator and established an interdepartmental task force to oversee Vision Zero efforts.
  • The city is coordinating closely with the state and Montgomery County to create a consistent approach to Vision Zero efforts.

What can people do to get involved with Vision Zero?

  • The Rockville Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee and the Traffic and Transportation Commission meet regularly to discuss transportation safety issues, and welcome your participation.
  • Read “Rockville Reports,” watch Rockville 11 and follow the city on social media for opportunities to offer input on the Vision Zero Action Plan and the city’s pedestrian master plan.
  • If you see something that could immediately improve safety, let us know. Visit to “Report a concern.”
  • Become an ambassador for safety by spreading the word about what Vision Zero is and how it can benefit the community.
  • Let the city know of groups that the city should identify for outreach about Vision Zero and its mission.

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