Mayor and Council Priority Initiatives

Mayor and Council
From left to right, Councilmember Virginia D. Onley, Councilmember Beryl L. Feinberg, Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton, Councilmember Mark Pierzchala, Councilmember Julie Palakovich Carr.

The Mayor and Council worked together to define the following priority initiatives that serve as their collective work plan for the 2016-2019 term. These priority initiatives capture the Mayor and Council’s long-term vision for the community. Learn more at

Efficient and Effective City Service Delivery

• Finish the Compensation and Classification Plan.

• Receive the Senior Service Study and develop a multiyear implementation plan.

Good Governance

• Review the scope and role of the city’s boards and commissions and make appropriate changes; and review the systems and processes to create, appoint and sunset city boards and commissions. • Review existing codes and policies based on the scoring of the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Index and identify modifications to enhance LGBT nondiscrimination.

• Re-establish office space for councilmembers.

• Develop an open data initiative that includes all aspects of city governance.

• Partner with other jurisdictions to meaningfully engage with Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery County government and the state to promote school construction.

Safe and Livable Neighborhoods

• Modify and incentivize the required percentage of various housing requirements (affordable and work force) in new development.

• Develop a plan to increase physical connectivity of neighborhoods.

• Beautify the concrete walls under the railroad tracks at Middle Lane and Park Road.

• Review and agree upon the scope of duties of the Rockville City Police Department and determine appropriate staffing.

• Adopt and implement Vision Zero and engage the community in implementation.

Planning and Preservation

• Receive the Rockville’s Pike Neighborhood Plan from the Planning Commission and adopt it in 2016.

• Examine the appropriateness of different development standards around Metro stations.

• Complete the Comprehensive Master Plan revision by 2018.

• Formulate the conditions under which Rockville can support bus rapid transit.

• Hire a consultant to conduct a feasibility study for a pilot trolley/streetcar program.

Informed and Engaged Residents

• Increase the city’s proactive outreach to diverse populations.

Economic Development

• Formulate a policy on economic incentives and develop supportive programs.

• Encourage Marriott to relocate their corporate headquarters to Rockville (near the Twinbrook Metro station).

• Explore mechanisms to encourage neighborhood shopping center revitalization and explore additional zoning and uses.

Stewardship of Infrastructure

• Establish a task force on the King Farm Farmstead.

• Adopt a sustainable fleet policy.

• Create a community climate action plan developed by a citizens’ task force