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Be a Respectful Neighbor and Follow Rockville’s Property Rules

Person trimming a yard with a weed wacker

The City of Rockville is reminding property owners to be good neighbors and avoid exterior property violations that could affect health and safety and result in a citation: 

• Remove trash or debris. 

• Trim weed or plant growth of more than 10 inches tall. 

• Remove junk vehicles that are inoperable, abandoned or dismantled. 

• No overcrowded or prohibited dwellings. 

• Prune trees, bushes, hedges, shrubs and vines so they’re not a hazard or detriment to the neighborhood. 

• Maintain all exterior wood and metal surfaces in good condition. 

• Park motor vehicles properly in off-street parking or on the street. 

• Only one unlicensed motor vehicle can be parked on a residential zone property. 

For more information about common property violations, or to submit a report, visit

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