City Wish List for Federal Aid: Metro, Police and Infrastructure

Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton and city staff are scheduled to bring the following requests for federal support to a June 13 meeting with the city’s congressional delegation in Washington, D.C.

  • Metro funding: Federal funding to maintain and improve the Metrorail system, ensuring the system’s safety and reliability. Metro is critical to Rockville’s transportation network and is heavily relied upon by residents, workers and city visitors.
  • Community Oriented Policing Services grant: A request to re-establish a technology and equipment grant through the federal program known as COPS. The Rockville City Police Department is seeking federal funding to replace its 12-year-old Mobile Command Center vehicle and equipment, and to purchase forward-looking infrared spotlights for 25 police vehicles, which can help to locate missing or lost individuals. The department also will apply for a COPS hiring grant to expand community policing.
  • Cybersecurity training and upgrades: A request for federal funding to make cybersecurity upgrades identified by the United States Department of Homeland Security. DHS recommends cybersecurity training for city staff; the incorporation of cybersecurity and business continuity into emergency planning and disaster recovery efforts; and tests and upgrades of city networks, including the control system of the city’s water treatment plant.
  • Community Development Block Grant: A request that this federal grant funding, which has been cut significantly in recent years, not be cut further. The city puts the funding toward housing rehabilitation for low-income homeowners and other low- and moderate-income housing rehabilitation.
  • Infrastructure upgrades: Requests for federal funding for bridge rehabilitation, asphalt repair and replacement, sanitary sewer system improvements and stormwater system renovation.
  • Truck weight and length: Continued opposition to efforts to change national standards and allow trucks of greater weight and length.

Find more information, including video of the Mayor and Council’s May 22 discussion of the federal priorities at For more on Rockville’s federal priorities, contact Linda Moran at or 240-314-8115.