City’s Community Empowerment Grant Leads to New Neighborhood Notice Board

East Rockville neighbors will stay in the know, thanks to a new message board made possible through Rockville’s Community Empowerment Grants program.

The East Rockville Civic Association applied to the program to help pay for the new notice board. It replaces one originally donated by a civic association member that had become too weathered to use.

While the civic association uses modern methods to reach out to the neighborhood, such as social media, a website and an email list, “there are still some folks who don’t communicate or use social media as a source for neighborhood information,” East Rockville Civic Association Vice President Chris Hausheer said.

“We felt that a tried and true or ‘old school’ method of sharing news, namely a public bulletin board, would be a wise investment towards our goal of keeping as many folks as possible informed.”

Neighborhood, civic or homeowners associations; community groups; and organized groups of neighbors are eligible to apply for community empowerment grants. Neighbors who are willing to match funding through cash, in-kind donation and volunteer hours are also eligible.

Applications are reviewed and awarded by the City Manager’s Office, and typically range from $500-$1,000 each.

For more information on the grant-application process, visit To learn about the East Rockville Civic Association, visit