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Go! Scoot!

Think Scooters, Courtesy and Safety When Rolling This Summer

scooters in a row

As the weather warms, using a scooter for short trips is enjoyable and convenient.

Montgomery County’s dockless e-scooter program uses companies that park scooters in strategic locations throughout the county, including in the City of Rockville, for riders to use. Riders can use the scooters and then park and leave them for someone else. When parking scooters, the city asks riders to keep these tips in mind:

  • Park scooters in a spot where they won’t be an obstacle to someone else. Remember: Everyone uses the sidewalks, including pedestrians, bicyclists and wheelchair users. Don’t park a scooter where it blocks a sidewalk or crosswalk, or access to pedestrian crossing signal buttons, fire hydrants, curb ramps, bus stops or entrances.
  • Park scooters upright. This makes it easier for the next person to use it or, if necessary, for someone to move it out of the way.
  • See a scooter that isn’t working or has been left in the same spot for several days? Dial 311 in Montgomery County or call the scooter companies. Scooters are required to be labeled with contact information for the associated company, which will pick up malfunctioning or abandoned scooters from your neighborhood.
  • If necessary, feel free to move the scooter, remembering not to block the sidewalk or curb ramps.

Find a video with tips for scooter use at Learn more at

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