FY22 Budget Survey Available

The Mayor and Council continue their work on the Fiscal Year 2022 budget in January with a public hearing and a presentation on proposed rates and rate structure for the city’s water and sewer funds.

The city hired a consultant to develop a new utility rate structure, under which the Mayor and Council would set water and sewer rates based on property type, such as single-family, multifamily or nonresidential. If approved, the new structure and new rates would take effect in FY22, which begins July 1. For information about the current rate structure, see page 371 of the FY 2021 budget, at www.rockvillemd.gov/budget.

Also on the webpage, community members will find a budget survey, in English and Spanish, that allows them to identify their top budget priorities, initiatives for reducing the negative impacts of COVID-19, and options for maintaining a balanced budget. The Mayor and Council discussed their own FY22 budget priorities on Dec. 14.

The Mayor and Council’s upcoming budget process includes:

  • Monday, Jan. 11: Public hearing.
  • Monday, Jan. 25: A presentation of proposed rates and rate structures for the water and sewer funds.
  • Monday, Feb. 22: A presentation of the city manager’s proposed FY 2022 operating budget and Capital Improvements Program.
  • Additional public hearings and work sessions will be held in 2021. The Mayor and Council are scheduled to adopt the budget in May.

For information about how to testify at the hearing, find the Jan. 11 agenda, posted the week before that meeting at www.rockvillemd.gov/AgendaCenter.
For more information, visit www.rockvillemd.gov/budget or call the Finance Department at 240-314-8400.