Thomas Griffith

Fifty thousand of anything would be an achievement. When it comes to building inspections, 50,000 is notable not only because of the amount, but because it contributes to the safety and well-being of Rockville’s community.

And when those inspections are the work of just one man — well, that’s remarkable.

But 50,000 inspections is the milestone Thomas Griffith just achieved after 17 years with the City of Rockville’s Inspection Services Division. The senior codes inspector performed that 50,000th inspection on Oct. 15.

Griffith joined the city in July 2001 and is certified by the International Code Council in all areas of residential inspections. He is also certified as a commercial building inspector.

The Inspection Services Division (ISD) regulates state-mandated building codes and ordinances by issuing permits and contractor licenses, reviewing plans, and inspecting all phases of residential and commercial construction, to ensure buildings and structures under construction are safe, code-compliant and in conformance with approved plans.

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