Karen Etzel, director of Montrose Discovery Preschool, a licensed childcare program operated by the City of Rockville, marks two decades this year with the preschool. We asked her to answer a few questions to introduce this longtime employee to the community.

When did you join the city?
I joined the city as an employee in 2000 but worked as a part-time staff member for many years before that. This year, I am being recognized for 20 years of service with the city.

What did you do before joining the city?
Before joining the city, I ran a licensed home daycare for 10 years.

Tell us about what you do at the preschool.
I am the director of Montrose Discovery Preschool at 451 Congressional Lane. My responsibilities include planning activities, mentoring teachers and preparing 3- to 5-year-olds for kindergarten. Montrose is unique for having a large number of non-English speaking children. I have learned to communicate with non-English speaking children by using body language, facial expressions and gestures. One year, the children of Montrose represented 11 different nations.

Anything else we should know?
I have lived in the City of Rockville for 32 years. I am originally from Kent, England. I have two beautiful granddaughters and I enjoy knitting and fishing in my free time.

Learn more about Montrose Discovery, which has openings available for preschoolers, at www.rockvillemd.gov/360/Montrose-Discovery-Preschool.