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Pedalers and Pedestrians: Sidewalks Are for Traveling by Bike or on Foot

Shadows of people walking on a crosswalk

Whether walking or bicycle riding, Rockville’s sidewalks are for pedestrians and bicyclists alike.
People riding bicycles in Rockville are permitted to ride on the sidewalk, provided they yield to people walking on the sidewalk.

People may choose to ride on a sidewalk for a multitude of reasons, such as: too much motor vehicle traffic; vehicular traffic too fast for bicyclists to feel safe in the roadway; parents not wanting children to ride a bike in the street; people learning to ride a bike not wanting to risk falling in the roadway; or a sidewalk or path providing a more direct route, such as through a park.

Regardless of the reason, all people bicycling on a sidewalk must do so in a manner that does not endanger others. This means yielding to people walking on sidewalks.

If you are bicycling and see someone walking, be sure to slow down to their speed and pass them in a safe manner, yielding to them in all circumstances. If you’re not sure whether you’re traveling too fast to safely pass a person walking, it’s best to slow down. Sometimes people walking are not aware of people on bicycles until they are right next to each other. And if you are riding in the sidewalk, keep in mind that you may be less visible to people driving. Take extra precautions when crossing the street and be sure to stay in the sidewalk or on the roadway — don’t switch back and forth.

Remember that, in Rockville, sidewalks are for everybody. Share the sidewalk and share the responsibility for safe traveling.

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