The City of Rockville’s Planning Commission will hold a public hearing Wednesday, Jan. 8 to hear testimony on the public hearing draft of the Park Road and North/South Stonestreet Avenue Area Comprehensive Master Plan Amendment.

The Planning Commission’s meeting begins at 7 p.m. and members of the public will have the opportunity to comment on a new vision for the Park Road/Stonestreet Avenue area, a unique location close to the Metro, Town Center and residential neighborhoods.

The amendment promotes a walkable, transit-oriented mix of residential and commercial development, in addition to the commercial and service industrial uses now in that area. In addition, the amendment offers guidance that would place more intense development, with higher buildings, nearest to Rockville Metro station.

Testimony may be provided in writing to the City of Rockville Planning Commission, c/o Comprehensive Planning, Planning and Development Services, 111 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD 20850; by email to; or in-person at City Hall.

For more information, contact Andrea Gilles at or 240-314-8273. Visit to view the amendment.