Rehab Work Begins on
Water Tank on Luckett Street

Hunting Hill Tank Back in Use
Luckett Street (Carr Avenue) water tank construction photo.
Work begins on the water storage tank on Luckett Street.

Work to rehabilitate a city water storage tank on Luckett Street, across from Beall Elementary School, has begun.

Neighbors will hear noise from the process that removes existing paint. Work hours will be 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Work may be on weekends, if necessary, to make up days lost due to inclement weather.

A containment system will be erected outside the tank to protect surrounding property from dust and debris during painting. Work is expected to take three months to complete, weather permitting.

The city’s contractor, Horizon Brothers Painting Corporation, completed painting at the Hunting Hill water storage tank, at 13890 Glen Mill Road, near Lakewood Country Club, in late July. The tank was returned to service Aug. 11, though some external work remains. Construction equipment will remain onsite through completion of work on both tanks.

Hunting Hill water tank after rehab work photo.
The Hunting Hill water tank after rehabilitation and repainting.
The Hunting Hill water storage tank before work began.








Rehabilitation of the city’s water tanks will significantly extend their lives, maintaining safety and reliability of the water system and resulting in long-term cost savings for city taxpayers.

For more information, or to discuss steps the city is taking to minimize neighborhood impacts, contact project manager Ilene Lish at or 240-314-8516.