Pickup Zone Includes Area of Rockville

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation has introduced Ride On Flex, an on-demand transit service, to defined Rockville and Glenmont/Wheaton zones.

Flex began June 26 and will run for one year as a pilot program. The new service has no fixed stops or schedules, and rides can be booked using a mobile app. The 11-passenger buses in the new fleet are wheelchair accessible, offer free Wi-Fi and provide corner-to-corner service. However, rides must be booked.

Customers can download the Ride On Flex app to their smartphones; select pickup and drop- off locations within the zone; and go to the pickup location.

In Rockville, the zone for pickup is roughly south of Rockville Pike, from Beall Avenue (including Rockville Town Square) in the north to West Edmonston Drive in the south. The precise boundaries are available on a map at www.RideOnFlex.com.

Standard Ride On fare policy applies. Customers should load cash or fare on their SmarTrip cards before boarding.

For details on the Rockville and Glenmont/Wheaton service areas and hours of operation, visit RideOnFlex.com.