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Rockville Certifies 2023 Vote-by-Mail Election Results 

Votes cast in the City of Rockville’s 2023 vote-by-mail election have been certified by the city’s Board of Supervisors of Elections.

In addition to 12,637 ballots cast on Election Day, 133 provisional ballots were tallied, for a total of 12,770 votes. 

The number of votes cast in the 2023 vote-by-mail election increased 3.9% over 2019’s 12,287.

Rockville voters elected Monique Ashton mayor with 7,298 votes and Kate Fulton, Adam Van Grack, Izola (Zola) Shaw, incumbent David Myles, Marissa Valeri and Barry Jackson, forming the new council. The Mayor and Council serve four-year terms.
Mayoral challenger Mark Pierzchala received 5,028 votes. There were 51 write-in votes for mayor.
The top six vote-getters for council seats were:

  • Kate Fulton: 8,948
  • Adam Van Grack: 8,072
  • Izola (Zola) Shaw: 7,612
  • David Myles: 6,163
  • Marissa Valeri: 5,995
  • Barry Jackson: 5,962

Six other candidates running for council received the following votes:

  • Paul Scott: 5,107
  • Richard Gottfried: 4,102
  • Anita Neal Powell: 3,829
  • Ricky F. Mui: 3,196
  • Danniel Belay: 2,001
  • Harold Hodges: 641
  • Write-in votes: 270

In addition, the ballot included four nonbinding advisory referendum questions that allow voters to express a preference without resulting in a change to Rockville law.

Allowing voters aged 16-17 to vote:

  • Yes: 3,601 
  • No: 8,665 
  • No Opinion: 250 

Allowing city residents without U.S. citizenship to vote: 

  • Yes: 4,208 
  • No: 7,926 
  • No Opinion: 281  

Limiting elected officials to three consecutive terms: 

  • Yes: 9,267 
  • No: 2,786 
  • No Opinion: 455 

Creating representative districts to elect some or all councilmembers: 

  • Yes: 5,090 
  • No: 6,378 
  • No Opinion: 995 

This is the 67th election in the history of the City of Rockville.    

The results are posted at

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