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Rockville Requests Federal Funding Support for Three Projects

The Mayor and Council have requested federal earmark funding for three projects in Fiscal Year 2023.

U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin’s office invited the city to submit the funding requests for federal support.

The projects, for which the Mayor and Council will request federal funding, are, in order of priority:

  1. Implementing an advanced water meter program to improve the collection of and access to consumption data for the city’s almost 13,000 water customers, and improve accuracy and operational efficiency ($2.96 million).
  2. Implementing a bulk sodium hypochlorite system at Rockville’s water treatment plant to improve safety for the public and city staff, and transition to a more environmentally friendly disinfectant ($1.8 million).
  3. Rockville Swim and Fitness Center outdoor recreation pool renovations to improve and add modern features at an outdoor swimming complex ($4.12 million).

The Mayor and Council discussed which requests to forward at a meeting on Thursday, April 7. See that discussion at by selecting the TV icon next to the meeting listing.

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