Delayed a Year Due to COVID, Senior Center Time Capsule to be Unearthed in May

No one in 1995 could have predicted that when a time capsule was buried at the Rockville Senior Center, the appointed time for unearthing would be delayed a year due to a global pandemic in 2020.

Now, 26 years on, that capsule will be unearthed and its contents revealed via a virtual Zoom event, 5-6 p.m. Thursday, May 13.

“Within the capsule the citizens of Rockville, Maryland, have placed messages and memorabilia for future generations to view,” a plaque adorning a stone marking the capsule’s location reads today.

Staff at the Senior Center need to know which items to return to whom. Envelopes handed out at the time were used to donate items. Receipts issued at the time were to be redeemed for the items when the capsule was dug up.

If you have a receipt ticket, or believe a loved one may have put something in the capsule for you to retrieve, contact the Rockville Senior Center at or tel: 240-314-8800.

Register for the free event using course #18872.

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