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Get Free Ecofriendly Lightbulbs Throughout FeBREWary

FeBREWary, a monthlong celebration of Maryland craft beer, also offers an opportunity to lower your utility bills – saving you money for more beer! Visit one of these Brews and Bulbs events and swap old incandescent and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs for up to four new LEDs: Wednesday, Feb.

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Rockville Demonstrates a Record of Environmental Stewardship

Rockville leadership and the community have worked hard to become leaders in environmental stewardship. Here are some of our accomplishments: Rockville was named the 2018 Sustainability Champion for amassing the highest points of all cities in the Maryland Sustainable Communities Certification program. Learn more at The city now has

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Rockville Seeks Environmentalists to Be Recognized During Earth Month

Feb. 21 is Deadline for Nominations for Environmental Awards The City of Rockville’s Environmental Excellence Awards recognize individuals and organizations that contribute to Rockville’s environmental health and sustainability. Nominations are being accepted in the following categories through 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 21 for awards to be presented during Earth Month

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Save Dollars, and Energy, with Tax-free Presidents Day Weekend

Buy Energy-saving Products Feb. 15-17 or Apply for Energy Rebates Homeowners thinking about upgrading an appliance, replacing a water heater, or even changing a light bulb, can do so tax free on Presidents Day weekend. On Feb. 15-17, purchases of the following energy-efficient Energy Star products are free from Maryland’s

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A Green Game Plan to Fight the White Stuff

Environmentally Friendly Snow- and Ice-Removal Tips Follow these tips to keep your driveway and sidewalks ice-free this winter, while minimizing the environmental impact: Shovel Early, Shovel OftenRemoving fresh snow before it has a chance to harden into ice is the best way to keep your pavement clear. Deicers work best

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Save Some Green and Create a Place for Wildlife to Be Seen

The city’s RainScapes Rebates program offers single-family homeowners and nonprofits, including religious institutions, private schools and homeowners associations, up to $2,500 in rebates for landscaping that is designed to green your backyard and reduce pollution. The program offers rebates for planting trees and conservation landscaping, installing rain barrels, or removing

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Test Your Green Thumb with a Rockville Garden Plot

Yard Too Small for That Spring Harvest You’ve Always Dreamed Of? The City of Rockville has 159 garden plots, approximately 25-by-25 feet, available for rent at Woottons Mill Park for growing food and other plants. The cost is $80 per plot for nonresidents; Rockville residents pay $62.50 per plot. Registration

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Recycling? Help the City Tackle ‘Tanglers’: Be Cart Smart

Throwing out plastic bags or medical sharps? Please don’t use the brown recycling cart – put them in the gray trash cart. “Tanglers,” such as plastic bags or wrap, rope, wire, clothes, cords, hoses, holiday lights, and chains can become tangled in recycling equipment, bringing processing to a grinding halt.

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Water Utility Bills Pay for Water System Builds

A family of four in Rockville pays nearly $440 a year for city water service. But what does a water bill actually pay for? It costs about $11.7 million each year to deliver safe, reliable water to Rockville customers, including water treatment, water system operations and maintenance, and administrative services.

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