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Recycling? Help the City Tackle ‘Tanglers’: Be Cart Smart

Throwing out plastic bags or medical sharps? Please don’t use the brown recycling cart – put them in the gray trash cart. “Tanglers,” such as plastic bags or wrap, rope, wire, clothes, cords, hoses, holiday lights, and chains can become tangled in recycling equipment, bringing processing to a grinding halt.

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Water Utility Bills Pay for Water System Builds

A family of four in Rockville pays nearly $440 a year for city water service. But what does a water bill actually pay for? It costs about $11.7 million each year to deliver safe, reliable water to Rockville customers, including water treatment, water system operations and maintenance, and administrative services.

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Rockville to Pilot Deer-management Hunting Program

RedGate to Close Sept. 6-Nov. 30 Rockville will pilot an archery-only deer cull from about Sept. 6-Nov. 30 at RedGate Park, in addition to continuing the city’s ongoing efforts to manage a growing white-tailed deer population, such as data collection, education, the use of repellents and fencing, and participation in

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Throwing It Away? Be Cart Smart

Throwing out plastic bags, clothes, garden hoses, needles or medical sharps? Please don’t use the brown recycling cart – put them in the gray trash cart. To find a nearby grocery store that accepts plastic bags for recycling, visit Help the city keep its recycling and trash collection crews

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How to Think Green When You See the White Stuff

Environmentally Friendly Snow- and Ice-Removal Tips Follow these tips to keep your driveway and sidewalks ice-free, while minimizing the environmental impact. Shovel Early, Shovel OftenRemoving fresh snow before it has a chance to harden into ice is the best way to keep your pavement clear. Deicers work best on thin

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Green Giving and Electronics Recycling

Do you plan on giving new electronics as a gift for the holidays? For products that help reduce environmental impacts and energy costs, look for Energy Star-qualified and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool-registered products. Find more green gift ideas from Montgomery County’s Gift Outside the Box Campaign at Rockville

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Part of Recycling Pledge is Knowing How Rockville Recycles

America Recycles Day is Friday, Nov. 15. The day of awareness, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, encourages community members to visit and take the #BeRecycled pledge to commit to recycling. Participants commit to learning what materials are collected for recycling in their community and pledge to reduce the amount

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Make Your Yard Green and a Place for Wildlife to Be Seen

The city’s RainScapes Rebates program offers single-family homeowners and nonprofits, including religious institutions, private schools and homeowners associations, up to $2,500 in rebates for landscaping that is designed to green your backyard and reduce pollution. The program offers rebates for planting trees and conservation landscaping, installing rain barrels, or removing

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Save the Date for Montgomery County’s H2O Summit

Rockville will host Montgomery County’s H20 Summit from 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2. The free annual celebration of water and our actions to keep it clean will be held at the Rockville Senior Center, 1150 Carnation Drive. The summit features educational sessions to provide community members with ways to

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Give ‘em a Rake: Fall Leaf Collection Begins

Area 1: Nov. 11-15; Dec. 16-20 Area 2: Oct .14-18; Nov. 18-22 Area 3: Oct. 21-25; Nov. 25-29 Area 4: Oct. 28-Nov. 1; Dec. 2-6 Area 5: Nov. 4-8; Dec. 9-13 Rockville will vacuum leaves from neighborhood curbs in two rounds, beginning Monday, Oct. 14. Rake leaves next to, but

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Mayor and Council Approve Increases to Parking Fines

Increase Fines for Parking Near Fire Hydrants, in Fire Lanes and Handicap Spaces Motorists could face significantly higher fines for illegally parking near fire hydrants, in fire lanes or in designated handicap parking spaces after the Mayor and Council approved

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Comp Plan Discussion Continues

Adoption Planned for Early August The Mayor and Council are continuing to discuss parts of the Rockville 2040 Comprehensive Plan, leading up to its possible adoption in August.

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