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Traffic Advisory: Road Closures, Delays Anticipated in Rockville on June 5

A planned demonstration is scheduled to take place in downtown Rockville at 1 p.m. Friday, June 5 at 1 p.m.

The protest will begin in front of the Montgomery County Judicial Center (Montgomery County Circuit Court), 50 Maryland Ave., and is expected to continue onto area roads. The Rockville City Police Department will be providing support in an effort to keep both protesters and drivers safe.

Portions of roadways surrounding the area maybe closed to traffic for several hours. Expect significant delays related to the event and plan accordingly.

Charged Up at Thomas Farm

The new electric vehicle charging stations at Thomas Farm Community Center are part of a network across Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

Pepco has powered up three new electric vehicle charging stations at the city’s Thomas Farm Community Center, 700 Fallsgrove Drive.

The charging stations are part of a statewide initiative to combat air pollution and the effects of climate change and provide communities with new, cleaner transportation options. Drivers will be able to charge their vehicles at competitive rates at our first DC Fast Charging station or two Level 2 smart chargers – both of which are fueled by 100% carbon-free energy.

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MobileNOW! Parking Meter Payment App Ceases Operations

Meters Accept Quarters Only; City Exploring Other Vendors

MobileNOW!, the City of Rockville’s mobile parking payment app, ceased operations on May 18 and is no longer an option for parking payments at city-owned on-street meters.

A message posted on MobileNOW!’s website announced that the parking app had ceased operations.

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Summer Street Paving Schedule is Posted

The city has released its road paving schedule for late-May through July.

Visit to find updated paving schedules for Grandin Avenue, Edmonston and West Edmonston drives, Wootton Parkway, and Tower Oaks and Redland boulevards.

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Looking Ahead with Vision Zero

Rockville’s plan for meeting a goal of zero traffic-related deaths or serious injuries is moving ahead, with the Mayor and Council scheduled to adopt the city’s Vision Zero action plan on Monday, June 8.

The plan includes steps to create safer streets through policies promoting improved design, traffic law enforcement and education. While there are ongoing city efforts in these areas, the plan lays out a coordinated and systematic approach to explore ways of reaching the goal.

The city is scheduled to begin putting the plan in place in July.

The 25-page plan includes:

  • An explanation of Vision Zero, including how the Vision Zero approach to safe mobility differs from the traditional approach to traffic and pedestrian safety.
  • Background on Vision Zero efforts in the city, county and globally.
  • An explanation of how the plan will ensure fairness and equity.
  • A brief crash data analysis and an explanation of how further data analysis will help create a systematic approach to providing safe mobility citywide.
  • Descriptions of engineering, enforcement, education and policy actions to take toward achieving Vision Zero.
  • An explanation of how the plan will be implemented to ensure transparency and accountability to meet Vision Zero goals.

For more information, visit or find the May 4 Mayor and Council meeting agenda at

Biking Safely During the COVID-19 Emergency

While there is a stay-at-home order in place, bicycle rides can still be one way of getting outdoors for exercise. With spring here, cycling, when done appropriately, is a great way to enjoy the weather and shake up your social distancing routine.

Bicycling is a cure for cabin fever during the COVID-19 emergency, but be sure to be safe.

Here are some helpful tips about keeping safe while cycling during the COVID-19 emergency:

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Be Safer on the Road for Longer

Drivers can learn how to stay driving for longer during a free “Staying Safe on the Roads” event cosponsored by the City of Rockville and Montgomery County.

From 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Thursday, April 2 at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre, attendees will explore ways to extend their time behind the wheel as long as possible, how to manage bike lanes, bikers and other road users, and discover a variety of ways to get where they want to go.

The event will feature Carol Wheatley, a driving rehabilitation specialist; the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration; AARP Driver Safety; and the Montgomery County Department of Transportation.

Additionally, hear presentations, visit resource tables and enjoy light refreshments. The City of Rockville’s new transportation planner, Alyssa Roff, will be on hand to meet attendees and hand out information.

The F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre is at 603 Edmonston Drive. RSVP at

Steps to Pedestrian Safety: Enforcement and Upgrades

The city’s ongoing efforts to increase safety on city streets included, in recent weeks, a focus on street crossings, with increased police enforcement at crosswalks and improved signals and flashing beacons.

Enforcement Efforts
The Rockville City Police Department conducts special traffic and pedestrian enforcement operations to address safety issues and community concerns.

“Our overarching goal is to change behavior and improve pedestrian safety for everyone in the City of Rockville,” police Chief Victor Brito said.
To see the RCPD’s recent enforcement operation in action, visit and search “Pedestrian Safety Enforcement.”

Enforcement will be one part of the city’s Vision Zero plan, which sets a goal of zero traffic-related deaths or serious injuries. The plan, which the Mayor and Council will take up this spring, will also include engineering and education efforts, which are ongoing.

Signals for Safety
At the city’s request, Montgomery County agreed to install a flashing beacon at the existing midblock pedestrian crossing on Twinbrook Parkway, adjacent to the city’s Twinbrook Community Recreation Center.

As of Feb. 6, all traffic signals between MD 28 and Beall Avenue in Rockville Town Center include a leading pedestrian interval phase. This gives pedestrians a 3-7 second head start when entering an intersection where vehicles traveling in the same direction have a green light. The result is that pedestrians have greater visibility to drivers, who are required to yield to pedestrians already in the crosswalk.

LPIs have been shown to reduce pedestrian-vehicle collisions as much as 60%, according to the National Association of City Transportation Officials’ website.

Rules of the Road
While Rockville is making safety upgrades and conducting enforcement on city streets, drivers and pedestrians are reminded about Maryland’s rules of the road. State law states that drivers “shall come to a stop when a pedestrian crossing the roadway in a crosswalk is (i) on the half of the roadway on which the vehicle is traveling; or (ii) approaching from an adjacent lane on the other half of the roadway.”

State law further states that pedestrians have a duty to “not suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield.” Learn more at

Report a Concern
Notice a perilous intersection, problematic path or malfunctioning pedestrian signal? Tell us by visiting, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Report a concern.”

Sign On for Sidewalks

City’s Prioritization Policy Allows Residents to Petition for New Paths

Know a neighborhood that could use a sidewalk?

The city created a Sidewalk Prioritization Policy to address missing sidewalks in Rockville and the costs associated with constructing them. The policy helps determine if, and in what order, the city constructs sidewalks.

A missing sidewalk is any existing or potential pathway that, were it hard surfaced, would be used by pedestrians in their routine educational, recreational, business, shopping, working, civic and social pursuits. Sidewalks are along streets and are typically built within city rights of way.

Rockville residents may circulate a petition to have new sidewalks constructed. Once proposed, prioritizing is based on:

  • A utility score, which assesses a proposed sidewalk’s connectivity to existing sidewalks and its proximity to schools, bus stops, Metrorail stations, recreational centers and other nearby pedestrian generators.
  • A traffic conditions score, which assesses a proposed sidewalk’s connection to a street with higher speed limits.
  • Other considerations, such as the availability of city right of way, public support for construction of the proposed sidewalk, and potential environmental impacts.

Visit to learn more about the policy, view a map of sidewalks prioritized for construction and find petition forms.

Before circulating a petition for a new sidewalk, residents should call the city’s Traffic and Transportation Division, at 240-314-8500, to discuss the proposed sidewalk.

Enforcement and Education Are Focus of Strategy for Safer Streets

Rockville is continuing its push for safer city streets for all with renewed enforcement and education efforts.

The Rockville City Police Department began the new year by redeploying patrol officers to traffic patrol and focusing enforcement efforts on high-incident areas.

A map of bicycle and pedestrian crashes from 2017-2019, presented during the Dec. 16 Mayor and Council meeting, shows a concentration of incidents in Rockville Town Center, as well as near the Rockville and Twinbrook Metro stations. The map and staff report, as well as video of the Mayor and Council discussion can be found with the Dec. 16 meeting agenda listing at

Other ongoing education and enforcement efforts include:

  • Patrols directed to address community concerns.
  • An educational and enforcement effort in Town Center that has distributed over 500 educational brochures and issued citations and warnings.
  • Increased emphasis on bringing criminal charges, when appropriate, in pedestrian-involved crashes.
  • Greater statistical analysis of pedestrian-involved crashes.
  • Education through community outreach events and by using city communication tools, including the city’s website, Rockville 11 (channel 11 on county cable and the city’s YouTube channel), “Rockville Reports” in print and online, printed materials and social media.

Meanwhile, the Rockville Bicycle Advisory Committee, Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee and the city’s Traffic and Transportation Commission are working on pedestrian and bicycling safety strategies, including advocating for the city’s Vision Zero plan. The plan’s goal is to eliminate traffic-related deaths and serious injuries by 2030 through improved road design, traffic law enforcement and education. A draft of the plan is expected to go before the Mayor and Council this spring.

Information about the commission and committees can be found under the “City Government” tab at The bottom of the website also includes a “Report a Concern” button for reporting non-emergency pedestrian or bicycling safety issues.

For more information about the city’s efforts, contact Alyssa Roff, the city’s pedestrian and bicycle coordinator, at or 240-314-8527.

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