Rockville residents will be allowed to temporarily use recreational vehicles or trailers at their homes if needed to quarantine in place during the COVID-19 emergency.

The Mayor and Council approved the temporary measure at their Monday, April 20 meeting. Using an RV or trailer will require written permission from the city.

Requirements for permission include only one RV or trailer per lot, parked on a paved area, an operational water and electricity supply, and inspection for compliance.

Those using the trailer or RV must be permanent residents of the residencies on the lots where the vehicle is in use. Use is permitted only on properties zoned for single-family-detached residential use. RVs and trailers must be registered and display an up-to-date vehicle tag.

The city-issued approval lasts for 30 days, with an extension for an additional 30 days with demonstrated cause.

The ordinance allowing use of the vehicles for quarantine will automatically expire 90 days from the April 20 adoption.

For more information, contact or call 240-314-8330. Find instructions and a fillable PDF application form at