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Additional Rush-Hour Metrorail Service to Rockville Stations Begins Dec. 17

End of Turnbacks Will Double Number of Trains to Shady Grove

Metrorail’s rush-hour service to Rockville will double beginning Monday, Dec. 17, with the elimination of the so-called turnback at the Grosvenor-Strathmore station.

Metrorail map.

The elimination of turnbacks at the Grosvenor-Strathmore station on Metro’s Red Line will double the number of rush-hour trains to White Flint, Twinbrook, Rockville and Shady Grove.

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Metro Seeks Feedback on Red Line Service Alternatives

Metro is considering two alternatives that would increase rail service at the Shady Grove, Rockville, Twinbrook and White Flint stations during rush hour and limit the number of trains that turn back at Grosvenor-Strathmore.

The agency is seeking input from riders, via a survey, on how those changes would affect their commute. Feedback from the survey will be provided to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Board of Directors in July. If any adjustments are approved, they will take place in December.

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Unanimous Support from Mayor and Council Adopts Rockville Pike Plan

Traffic, poor conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists, an aging and unattractive area with little green space — this is how Rockville Pike is today. But with a unanimous vote Monday night to adopt the Rockville Pike Neighborhood Plan, the city’s Mayor and Council set a vision for redevelopment that will create a more attractive environment to live, work in and visit, with parks and better options for transportation.

“It is a great compromise and we are moving forward with something that will transform the pike … We’ve come a long way and it is a wonderful day,” Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton said.

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From Letter of Encouragement to Letter of Thanks for Hogan’s $1M in Bus Service Funding

Ride On LOGOA letter from the Mayor and Council to urge Gov. Larry Hogan to fund additional bus service during the Metro Safetrack repairs became a letter thanking him after Hogan announced Monday he’d allocated $1 million in state funds for the shuttles.

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