Upper Watts Branch Project Recognized as a BUBBA Runner-Up

The city’s Upper Watts Branch Park Forest Preserve Environmental Restoration Project was recently recognized with second place in the Chesapeake Stormwater Network’s Best Urban BMP in the Bay Awards.

Better known as the BUBBAs, the program bestows the prestigious regional awards every other year on stormwater projects using BMPs, or best management practices.

The city’s project was recognized in the Best Stream Restoration category for its comprehensive approach to stream restoration design and its excellent community outreach and engagement.

The award application was submitted by Hazen and Sawyer, the city’s consultant design partner. The project team consisted of Hazen and Sawyer, Charles P. Johnson & Associates, Inc., Environmental Quality Resources, LLC, and a city staff team led by project manager John Hollida.

The restoration project, in the park between West Gude Drive and Nelson Street, targeted erosion in Watts Branch that was degrading the quality of the stream’s water, which ultimately flows into the Chesapeake Bay. The project included stream restoration, stormwater management, wetland enhancement, reforestation and protection of utilities within the park.

For more info, visit chesapeakestormwater.net/the-bubbas/2021-bubbas/2021-best-stream-restoration and select the link in the project’s title for project photos and documents.

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